About Us - Electronic Literature Day

What is Electronic Literature Day?

Electronic Literature Day (ELD) was conjured in response to the need for remote, dynamic environments through which to share and distribute literary work and discourse and facilitate collaborations. In a series of readings, interviews, audiovisuals and text, a gallery of thought was constructed around the thematics of each day - Language and Memory, Technology and the Word, and Literature in Action.

The festival was produced by Barakunan in partnership with Electronic Labor Day, a non-profit online music festival.

This project was partially supported by Art Jameel’s Research and Practice Platform.

Who is Barakunan?

Barakunan is an independent publishing and media collective based in Beirut and Berlin. With an aim to amplify ripe and radical voices that challenge dominant cultural narratives, Barakunan explores contemporary myth making and the activation of literature outside its textual boundaries.

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