Celine Al Khaldi - Electronic Literature Day
Celine Al Khaldi
Celine Al Khaldi

November 25 | 06:20PM - 06:25PM
Room 1

Celine is a news producer with a background in political science and development studies. Her work over the years has focused on the intricate, symbiotic bond between economic and political policy in the Middle East and its reverberations on the wider social dynamic.

Celine is also a painter. Her approach to news content and art have been significantly informed by her background in development. With an eye that has been conditioned over years of experience to observe patterns in chaos, she approaches her various crafts with guarded attention to infinitesimal details, exploring the dynamics between the parts and the whole.

Celine contributes with four unpublished poems titled Moving Parts, Fall, Shallow and Reality Reconfigured.

Visuals by Barakunan, Sound by xlmxkhfi.

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