Elizabeth Briggs - Electronic Literature Day
Elizabeth Briggs
Elizabeth Briggs

November 25 | 06:40PM - 07:20PM
Room 2

Elizabeth Briggs is Editor and Marketing Manager at independent publisher Saqi Books, founded in 1983 and based in West London. She works on titles across all three imprints, Saqi, Telegram and The Westbourne Press. Her writing has been published in magazines including Moxy Magazine, TACO! and The Punch Magazine, and her chapbook, This Work of Art, was brought by the A3 Press in 2020. She has volunteered with various book and literacy initiatives including The Feminist Library. Find her on twitter @elegyforlota, and Saqi Books at @saqibooks on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and at www.saqibooks.com.

Elizabeth gives us a rundown of the publishing industry’s response to the pandemic and how books in translation are faring in today’s market.

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