Kayfa Ta - Electronic Literature Day
Kayfa Ta
Kayfa Ta

November 26 | 06:30PM - 06:40PM
Room 1

Kayfa ta is a publishing initiative that uses the popular format of how-to manuals (how=kayfa, to=ta) to respond to some of today’s perceived needs; be they the development of skills, tools, thoughts, or sensibilities. These books situate themselves in the space between the technical and the reflective, the everyday and the speculative, the instructional and the intuitive, the factual and the fictional. Kayfa ta was founded in 2012 by Maha Maamoun and Ala Younis. In 2019, Kayfa ta expanded its work from solely publishing its series of how tos to shedding light on the acts and contexts of publishing itself, various aspects of the publishing industry, as well as on how creative production is defined and valued on individual and institutional levels. Through exhibitions, research and tool commissions, Kayfa ta prompts important conversations around notions of authorship, independence, censorship, and the shifting demarcation lines separating dominant discourses and values from more subjective, fluid and evolving alternatives.

Kayfa Ta contributes with a track they commissioned from Jordanian musicians Yazan Rousan, et al. ‘Despite the important role that independent publishing practices play—sometimes by their sheer existence—in questioning creative, professional and political boundaries, they remain little known, their publications hard to find, and the history of their struggles against restrictive publishing regimes scantily written. This song is an experiment on communicating the issues of independent publishing in different vocals and music genres that could speak to larger numbers of audiences. Lyrics are adapted from Kayfa ta's introduction in its latest publication How to maneuver: Shapeshifting texts and other publishing tactics, published in November 2020. Song is by Yazan Rousan, with instrument and digital interventions by Yazan Sarairah, Bashar Hamdan, Amjad Bashiti, and Hamzeh Saket.’

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