Moonship Dispatch - Electronic Literature Day
Moonship Dispatch
Moonship Dispatch

November 25 | 07:35PM - 07:45PM
Room 1

An act offering electrified readings of Barakunan texts by dynamic duo - editor-extraordinaire Sarah Huneidi and electronic music savante Jad Atoui. Performed in Beirut Art Center, MMAG Foundation in Amman, Warehouse421 in Abu Dhabi, and for How to Walk Through a Labyrinth, curated by Kayfa Ta for the Mosaic Rooms festival.

Jad Atoui and Sarah Huneidi deliver a haunting musical missive written by Dani Arbid.

Day 2: Visuals by Barakunan and Ramzi Hibri.

Day 3: Visuals by Barakunan.

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