Rania Dalloul - Electronic Literature Day
Rania Dalloul
Rania Dalloul

November 24 | 06:25PM - 06:40PM
Room 3

Rania is Palestinian-Lebanese, born in Kuwait and based in New York. She is currently the development director of a community-controlled housing nonprofit. She earned her BA in Political Science and Philosophy from Concordia University in Montreal, and her MA in Urban Theory and Practice at the New School in New York City. She is the author of Ahmadi, a short graphic work (illustrated by Nada Dalloul) based on oral histories of a colonial company town in Kuwait. Her interests are neocolonialism, anti-capitalist social movements, and urbanism. Occasionally, she writes.

Rania Dalloul shares a reflection on the archetypes of her past in Playing with Fire/Burial Ground - ‘a dance through a string of memories that are lifted by the sounds of a train and the movements of daily life.’

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