Sébastien Bernard - Electronic Literature Day
Sébastien Bernard
Sébastien Bernard

November 24 | 06:10PM - 06:25PM
Room 1

Sébastien Bernard is a part-French Turkish poet and (non)fiction writer from—and currently based in—Istanbul. He was a Poets House Emerging Poets fellow, and a finalist for the 2019 Black Warrior Review poetry contest. His work appears in Michigan Quarterly Review, Prelude, DIAGRAM, SUSAN/The Journal, Black Warrior Review, KGB Bar Lit, Queen Mob's Teahouse, Madness Muse Press, and Nat.Brut (with a Pushcart and Best of the Net nomination, as well as a listing in Entropy’s “Favorite Poems Published Online”). Sébastien completed his BA in Philosophy at Vassar College, and MFA in Creative Writing at The New School. He was a co-creator of the 2nd Creative Writing Workshop Program for English Language Learners at the Brooklyn Public Library. He currently edits and offers mentorship for Brooklyn Poets’ the Bridge. He has called NYC, Istanbul, Poughkeepsie, and Maputo home.

Sébastien will read Living Fugue, an exploration of memory and loss. The poem recalls Sumerian and Kurdish myth, probing wounds as (metaphors for) (self-)censorship and bridges, "paranoia" as political vs. US-pathologized, and reflex as defense of love.

Footage sourced by Ramzi Hibri, edited by Barakunan.

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