Youssef Rakha - Electronic Literature Day
Youssef Rakha
Youssef Rakha

November 24 | 06:00PM - 06:10PM
Room 1

Youssef Rakha is an Egyptian writer and poet. His first two novels The Book of the Sultan’s Seal and The Crocodiles appeared in English in early 2015. A cultural journalist, literary translator, and creative writing coach, he is the founding editor of, and can be found online at and on Twitter @Sultans_Seal. His new book, Barra and Zaman, an essay in 200 numbered paragraphs on the Egyptian filmmaker Shadi Abdel Salam's 1969 classic The Mummy, is out from Palgrave Macmillan this month.

Youssef reads All Those Theres - an essay on Iraqi poet Sargon Boulous.

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